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Lactation consultation

Our lactation consultant plays a key role in promoting newborns' health and instructing new mothers on breastfeeding basics.

Your baby's first visit to our office will be two to three days after you've been discharged from the hospital. During this initial visit, your newborn will see our lactation consultant for a weight check and answer any of your questions about nursing. The consultant's expertise encompasses a wide range of breastfeeding topics, such as:

  • What to expect during the early days of breastfeeding
  • Establishing your milk supply
  • How to tell if your baby is getting enough milk
  • How to prevent/overcome common problems such as engorgement and sore nipples
  • Demonstration of various types of breast pumps and how to select one
  • Collecting, handling and storing breast milk
  • Combining breast and bottle feeding
  • Determining how much milk your baby will need while you're at work